Big Sister Boxes

These boxes are for when my 2.5 year old becomes a big sister! (Hopefully soon, I’m due tomorrow..)

Big Sister boxesThe snack box she’s opened and been enjoying for a couple of days, we have banana chips, mini muffins and goldfish to add when we head into the hospital.

The Day 1, 2 and 3 boxes are to provide special distractions for her. The first one has a card I ordered online that says Congratulations on your New Baby Sister! The inside was blank and we handwrote a letter that her nana or whoever is with her can read to her. We plan to come home from the hospital as early as possible (the midwife said 4 hours after the baby is born if everyone’s up for it, then she comes to visit us here, I’m so happy about that) Of course my last delivery had some complications that kept me in longer so on the off chance that we can’t get home as soon as we’d like I’m hoping the note and these boxes will help keep her happy and remind her how much her parents care about her. Even if we’re home there will be times we are busy and we plan to have visitors open these boxes with her during those times.

Big Sister boxes

Day 1 box: card/letter, new paints in spill proof cups, markers, spring tracing and colouring pages.

Day 2 box: spring sticker shape matching activity, post it notepad with instructions to put down towels and add soap/water/animals to box, alphabet sponges, starfish and pouring cup for water play.

Day 3 box: shape punches, colourful scrap paper, tissue paper squares, glue in spill proof cup, glue spreader and spring colouring page.


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