Advent Activities – Days 7-13

Here’s what was in this week’s advent envelopes!

7 felt snowmen
felt snowman
8 Christmas printable puzzles
Love this blog!
9 snowman Popsicle sticks
10 mitten cutter (bird feeders)
   – I don’t remember what recipe I ended up using, just that I needed one without gelatin because we are vegetarian. I probably used corn syrup. They turned out awesome and we froze a few to save for gifts.
11 fingerprints lights cards
   – I’m sure you’ve seen the thumbprint string of lights cards on Pinterest. I forgot to take any pictures of the ones we made and I gave them all away. I’ll get a picture from one of our moms maybe.
12 chocolate melts
   – I put lollipop sticks in the advent envelope which we then used to make chocolate train lollipops for her cousin’s birthday party and other chocolates. She gets excited about opening an envelope and finding something inside so she was happy with the sticks, two-year-olds will play with just about anything. The chocolates we made were sugar free. I tried using cocoa butter, cocoa and honey. They turned out pretty good!
13 scarves
I have always wanted to try batik. I melted soy wax and once it was removed from the heat it cooled quickly. Lily and I dipped cookie cutters and lots of other things in the wax to make the prints, even her hands once it was cool enough. I ended up spray painting them because I couldn’t find any cold water dye in town, then we scraped the wax off. After washing the scarves I put them between sheets of brown paper (I have a lot from shipments but newspaper would work too) and ironed out the rest of the wax.

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